Half “Booksmart,” half “Superbad,” with items of “American Pie” and a half-dozen different teen intercourse comedies thrown in for good measure, “Plan B” by no means reinvents what would not have to be reinvented, however tweaks the favored method simply sufficient to make a spot for itself.

Sunny (Kuhoo Verma) and Lupe (Victoria Moroles) are greatest buds in South Dakota navigating the treacherous waters of highschool, not well-liked sufficient to be imply women however not dorky sufficient to be shunned by the cool children. They’re proper there within the center, the place they need to be.

An informal hook-up at a celebration leads Sunny to want the morning-after capsule, which results in a routine journey to the pharmacy adopted by a easy transaction and the end result everybody needed. Or it results in an all-night journey stuffed with unusual encounters, drug mishaps and a number of other moments of inward-looking self-reflection. It is as much as you to guess which one.

Director Natalie Morales and writers Joshua Levy and Prathiksha Srinivasan (each from “iZombie”) know the terrain effectively, and discover the precise steadiness of bawdy discuss and heart-to-heart moments to boost “Plan B” above its typically predictable path. And there is no less than one occasion of boundary-pushing that takes “Plan B” past the boundaries of the typical entry within the style. (Belief, you may comprehend it once you see it.)

Past that, what makes “Plan B” work is the chemistry of the leads — Verma and Moroles play fairly effectively off one another — and the nice surprises alongside the way in which (Edi Patterson is a scene-stealer as a late night time gasoline station clerk) that make “Plan B” well worth the journey. The vacation spot is acquainted, however the trip manages to have its moments.

Not rated: Language, sexual conditions, drug use and graphic nudity, all involving teenagers

Operating time: 1 hour, 47 minutes

Taking part in: Obtainable Friday on Hulu

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